Devin Fraze

Devin Fraze
“I opted out of college in August of 2011 and my life has never felt more real or more my own.”
—  Devin Fraze

Devin is a 21-year-old educational entrepreneur. He opted out of college in August of 2011 and his life has never felt more real or more his own. "I made this choice durring a life-changing cross-country cycling trip with the non-profit organization BikeAndBuild, which focusses on building and raising money for affordable housing. During this trip I was reading one of John Taylor Gatto's books and he inspired me to take the path less traveled," Devin says. After finishing his bicycling trip and telling his college that he wasn't coming back he started doing research and shortly came upon DIY U and the Edupunks Guide. Devin says, "These books opened my eyes to the world of open content learning and social learning networks. I started following Anya on twitter and heard about EducampNYC2011. So I got in my car, drove 9 hours, and stayed with a friend in New York to attend the free unconference." There he met three amazing educators from St. Ann's school, the very same school that his educational hero Paul Lockhart works at. He joined Twitter, joined an online learning community to gain support for his goals, and created an online portfolio to one day show to future employers. Currently, Devin has joined forces with Dylan Lorenz to create Inspiration Mathematics, a math tutors' coalition that focuses on guiding kids on a mathematical journey as opposed to bestowing knowledge to them. The idea is that students can learn math at their own pace, follow their own interests, and in less time than a normal math class learn all that they need to know. "One day we hope to open a physical location where math lovers can meet in a safe environment to explore, play, and create," says Devin. "We also hope to create community awareness programs focussing on statistics and economics to protect everyone against ignorance and misdirection in the media. In the long term I hope to one day teach at a school like the Puget Sound Community School or a Sudbury School." After gaining more life experiences, Devin plans on opening his own school or schools to help spread the unschooling movement.

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