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It's never been a more exciting time to be a learner. The Edupunks' Guide was written to be a first-of-its kind resource for the future of education: a comprehensive guide to learning online and charting a personalized path to an affordable credential using the latest innovative tools and organizations. This guide is full of people, programs, and ideas that are part of the future of learning. I've spoken to over 100 learners from programs and sites around the country and around the world that offer new methods of content delivery, new platforms for socialization, and new forms of accreditation. Most of them take advantage of the technology now at our disposal— they're either all-online programs that complement the experiences you're already having; or hybrid programs, combining in-person and online experiences. Nearly all of them are cheaper than your average state university. Many are even free! And I've given you the tools to go out and find even more options, and to create them for yourself.

Real-life stories and hands-on advice for today's students, whether you're going back to school, working, transferring colleges, or pursuing lifelong learning goals.

About the Author

Anya Kamenetz

Anya Kamenetz has been writing and speaking about education since 2004. Her first book, Generation Debt (2006), was about student loans. Her second book, DIY U (2010) was about the future of higher education: new innovations that can address the issues of cost, quality, and access, and allow more people to take charge of their own learning. She's spoken about these issues everywhere from Yale University to Apple Computer to the Maine State Legislature to Kansas City Community College. She currently writes the Life in Beta column for Fast Company Magazine. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, cat, and soon a baby.


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